Trust Domino’s Pizza when hungry! And all the business people & startups reading this; learn customer service from them. It was on my return journey from Goa in November last year. Since, we had to travel quite a distance to the railway station, we were unable to have lunch. Once in the Bangalore bound train and about 30 minutes to depart, we realised that there was no food available on the train or on the station! Exhaution and the the unwillingness to leave Goa only helped in increasing our hunger by the minute.  If we were in Bangalore, 30 minutes would have got us any kind of food; but in Vasco city you cant do much. I tried getting something from outside the station, got pav bhaji which was so bad that no man with a normal tongue could eat it! A few minutes later I tried pushing my luck…

dominos-logoI called up a phone directory service in Bangalore and asked for Pizza outlets in Goa. There were not many in this part of Goa as none were visible on the way; unlike north Goa where pizza outlets can be seen while beach hopping. I was informed that there was a Domino’s Pizza outlet in Margao, where my train would halt after another 30 minutes or so! I called up the number and the guy on the other side was surprised that I was asking for delivery on a moving train! I spoke to his superior who I presume was more composed and I convinced him that I was a genuine customer who was genuinely hungry! He took my mobile number, train and coach details, my pizza order and confirmed that the pizzas would be delivered on my seat at Margao station. I kept my fingers crossed.

Five minutes before the train reached Margao, I got a call from the delivery boy that he was already there! When the train reached the station, he promptly delivered hot pizzas. I tipped him royally. We were hungry to the limit. And guess what joy I got in putting my teeth into those hot, yum pizzas! I cant tell you how envious our co-passengers were and cursed themselves for not getting this idea! We however landed up sharing it with them as I had ordered meals for four when we were just the two of us!

Thank you Domino’s Pizza, your service was worth every bite, of this post!

Bar Camp Bangalore 5

Here it is again!  On 17th and 18th of November at IIM, Bangalore. Apart from bumping into techies and a lot of tech talk, I intent to work around and trying to understand if blogging could have a visible social impact. Could we blog collectively about issues and make a difference? Could we have an off-line team to work on field if required? And yes, the most interesting one – could donating a blog post create a charity organization!?

It’s a bit hazy in my mind too, but I hope to give it a shape in the open forum discussion at the barcamp. I have booked a slot at 12 noon on 18th Sunday. Hope to meet a lot of you guys and like minded people to start off!

Of a lot of experiences in my Ayurveda business, this one is definitely worth a blog entry! We do face stiff customs issues in a few countries and paperwork for some that takes us to the limits of our patience.  Norway, however seems to be different! Not much paperwork, but they just don’t allow Ayurveda or herbal medicine in the country.

This would have been OK with me too; but for the fact that a Norwegian can import small quantities of illegal drugs for personal use, but not Ayurveda! This was informed to me by one of our customers who finally could not get her products! Frustrating as it is, AyurShop has quiet a few orders and customers registered from Norway – none of whom can actually get their products! I am still surprised as to why cant the government of Norway and other nations allow herbal products, which are branded, sealed, properly labeled and made by respectable companies.

If anybody has even a vague idea of getting products to Norway or convincing the customs do let me know. If there is anything wrong in what is mentioned here, please feel free to rectify. I have not yet done any major research on this as of now but will follow it up strongly sometime. I do need supporters for this! May all be healthy and fine!

Phew! Its been very hectic, the last 15 days or so. I had a news portal to be launched – and the Indian version of my Ayurveda Store – Work took 25 hours a day and I still managed to squeeze a few hours for food, sleep and my Sunday morning games! All that I could not do was to update my blog! Here I am now, free to write what strikes me most.

What strikes me the most at the moment is that after a forth night of activity, wheres the result? Another few projects launched, but where’s the result?! Day and night worked for what? Thought about it for some time and got the answer:

It’s not what you start that gives you the results; its the sustained, sincere efforts and interest in what you do that drives results! What say? – our dedicated news portal for Ayurveda has been launched. The news portal will also cover topics such as Yoga, Panchakarma, Meditation, Health tips, Government News, Product Launches, Reviews, Interviews, Ayurveda Company News apart from a host of information on such subjects. Alternate therapy news which have relevance to Ayurveda will also be featured.

Visitors can expect to find a neat and simple interface with facilities for searching, RSS feeds, registration and giving their views and comments on each article. One is also free to submit his/her news, story or even complaints on the site! focuses to bridge the gap between the traditional Ayurvedic companies and the new technology enabled news seeker.

Do feel free to give me feedback on the site and pen down your suggestions here.

Bar camp Bangalore 4 logo

Great! That’s the word which comes to my mind when I recall the two days spent at Bangalore Bar Camp 4 held on 28th and 29th of July at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). It was the first bar camp I attended, though it was the fourth one in Bangalore. Meeting similar bloggers, techies and people from the industry was just fantastic. In fact, I got so attracted to the concept, that on the second day, I took a session for all bloggers on “How to make money from a blog”. I will post more about my session in another post.

The event covered a lot of aspects on the Internet, Startups, Blogging, Programming etc. At one point of time, I was confused as to which seminar to attend! And then there were some of my old friends I bumped into J C Kiran, Madhav from Japan and Karthik! Other fantastic people I remember are Mr. Natrajan from Chennai, Sean, Sanjukta, Thejesh and Arun. Please visit their blogs; real great ideas! Food was good and the IIMB ambience and greenery made me be there longer!

I am waiting for Bangalore Bar Camp 5, where I intend to put in some of my organizing skills to good use!

Being in the web hosting & domain name registration industry, I have been asked this many times over by people from various backgrounds – novice bloggers to seasoned experts. Not because its my business, but due to many good reasons I recommend it. The most prominent advantage & reasons being the following which I will elaborate upon in my later posts:

  • It gives you your own identity.
  • You are not on the mercy of the blogs provider and fear of getting your blog deleted or suspended because of something you did or didn’t do!
  • Having your own independent blog site gives you more options to make money and earn online.
  • The best blog software packages are open source and hence free and totally customizable! Your cost towards the same is next to zero.
  • The cost involved towards domain name registration and web space is very less, that too can be recovered within a month or two by a basic blogger! (PS: Ask me for all such requirement you have!)
  • You have the freedom to add a forum, shopping cart, create a community or do nearly just about anything you can think up from your own domain or blog!
  • You can customize just about anything on your blog, the look, feel etc by themes & plugins, which are available free and again open source for you to modify.
  • And finally as Mike put in “if you are actively working to get back links (and you should be) you will want those to go to a domain that you control. If you create a high PR site you have an asset you can sell.”
  • A few more advantages, I cant think of now as I have started sneezing due to dust allergy!

Well, anyways if you get more advantages on having your own blog to add please feel free to put it in the comments for the community. Questions and controversies are welcome too!

Here’s good news for all bloggers and webmasters! DclickAds an internet advertising services agency is all set to woo you with their Advertiser and Webmaster programs. Publishers are free to set their own rates for ads on their sites. As per DclickAds website “What sets dclickads apart from other forms of internet advertising services are 3 distinct features: Any Ad Types, DirectLink Technology, SmartCache XML Distribution.”

As an advertiser one gets to choose on which site or category they want to advertise. Click frauds can be eliminated by purchasing weekly or monthly ads! The advertiser has full control on the setup of ads be it banners, text links or the highly targeted embedded text advertising.

Publishers visit here. Advertisers visit here.

  • This is a sponsored review.

When I started, there were a lot of things going on in my mind. What to write? When to write?! et all. As I write this tenth blog post, I am encouraged by a few things:

  • A small amount of money I made!
  • I finally got something creative to do apart from my business!
  • Got an informal place to catch up with my customers and friends.
  • I get to help people to make money online, genuinely.
  • Interact with a band of bloggers and be called one!

There are a lot more advantages I find out of blogging, but I wouldn’t want to pump all of them here in one go and take a toll on your patience! In fact I am planning to go full steam with what I intended to do part-time. Me thinks I should start a section on the city I live & love – Bangalore! Also in the pipeline is a section of forwarded mails and SMS! Generally, they are an annoyance, but some of them are really good, encouraging or just entertaining!

Vikas Sharma