Of a lot of experiences in my Ayurveda business, this one is definitely worth a blog entry! We do face stiff customs issues in a few countries and paperwork for some that takes us to the limits of our patience.  Norway, however seems to be different! Not much paperwork, but they just don’t allow Ayurveda or herbal medicine in the country.

This would have been OK with me too; but for the fact that a Norwegian can import small quantities of illegal drugs for personal use, but not Ayurveda! This was informed to me by one of our customers who finally could not get her products! Frustrating as it is, AyurShop has quiet a few orders and customers registered from Norway – none of whom can actually get their products! I am still surprised as to why cant the government of Norway and other nations allow herbal products, which are branded, sealed, properly labeled and made by respectable companies.

If anybody has even a vague idea of getting products to Norway or convincing the customs do let me know. If there is anything wrong in what is mentioned here, please feel free to rectify. I have not yet done any major research on this as of now but will follow it up strongly sometime. I do need supporters for this! May all be healthy and fine!

Heavy loadPity the animalRelieved at last!15 Men do the job!

In the hi-tech city of Bangalore, there still exists the old fashioned & crude way of using animals for jobs beyond their capacities. In the pictures above, the poor animal fell many times over as it could not carry the load. The load was ultimately pushed up the slope by about 15 people!

Personally, I feel using animals for reasonable farm duties is fine, but loading them with heavy industrial goods such as welding electrodes, iron and steel is severe injustice to the mute animals. I hope animal activists and concerned agencies move towards a ban on using animals for such purpose, especially in the city of Bangalore, known for its technological leadership and industrial development.

BTW, this happens to be my first photo-blog! Like it?

I was pretty happy with my Yashica ‘analog’ camera. Using rolls and getting them developed; not knowing which pictures will be proper and which will not, has always been a fascinating experience. But, I had to admit that limitations had to be put somewhere to the number of snaps taken. Not any more..Two days back, I finally took the step to cross the digital divide! My friend took me to a shop called “Foto Circle” in Chickpet area in Banhalore. He and the shop owner, Jayesh Mehta, a dexterous businessman got me to buy a SONY Cybershot over other brands. I’d prefer SONY myself anyway.

Now, I am not limited by the number of shots but with the capacity of my memory card and ya, battery! This step I particularly took for guess what – blogging! And of course, I have a hidden passion for photography, which I will make public soon! My friends advised me to go in for a Cannon SLR camera, but I thought I’d rather start with a click and shoot digicam and them promote myself to an SLR. Moreover, the SLR requires a lot more time, than I can give to this hobby as of now!

I got myself a Sony Cybershot S700 Digital Camera with 1 GB memory stick duo. I shall review the product here soon. And ya, will start photo blogging from tomorrow!

Phew! Its been very hectic, the last 15 days or so. I had a news portal to be launched – AyurvedNews.com and the Indian version of my Ayurveda Store – AyurShop.in. Work took 25 hours a day and I still managed to squeeze a few hours for food, sleep and my Sunday morning games! All that I could not do was to update my blog! Here I am now, free to write what strikes me most.

What strikes me the most at the moment is that after a forth night of activity, wheres the result? Another few projects launched, but where’s the result?! Day and night worked for what? Thought about it for some time and got the answer:

It’s not what you start that gives you the results; its the sustained, sincere efforts and interest in what you do that drives results! What say?