Bar Camp Bangalore 5

Here it is again!  On 17th and 18th of November at IIM, Bangalore. Apart from bumping into techies and a lot of tech talk, I intent to work around and trying to understand if blogging could have a visible social impact. Could we blog collectively about issues and make a difference? Could we have an off-line team to work on field if required? And yes, the most interesting one – could donating a blog post create a charity organization!?

It’s a bit hazy in my mind too, but I hope to give it a shape in the open forum discussion at the barcamp. I have booked a slot at 12 noon on 18th Sunday. Hope to meet a lot of you guys and like minded people to start off!

Getting into long hours of work, I did not blog for over a month! I have over 10 pictures for which I thought of blogging but just could not squeeze the time for it. Today is a lucky day for blogging as we have a string of holidays due to the festival season and I am down with Conjunctivitis or ‘Madras eye’ (Donno why they call it so!). A friend of mine from Kolkatta adds that it is call as ‘Jai Bangla’ there! If only they know about the pain in the eye!

Links to my eye condition!

Hope it does not spread by blog reading! I have been successful in passing out this condition to my Dad though! Anyhow, this helps me in closing my blogging gap and reinforces my commitment to what I love doing – blogging!