Now there must be something wrong with the internet. Facebook is down at the moment and its been like this for the past few minutes! Very hard to digest, but when Google could go down a few times and twitter could max out its capacity to tweet; why would Facebook stay behind!?

Come to think of it, when big guys like them can have downtime, all others can be spared. One shouts his heart out at the provider when his site is down even for a few minutes! But can the big boys can be spared because their service is free? Do they not have our personal and very personal data that could be compromised upon? Forget compromising the information what if all that you have done on such sites gets wiped out, erased! I dont know if it can ever happen, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for Facebook to show up!

Trust Domino’s Pizza when hungry! And all the business people & startups reading this; learn customer service from them. It was on my return journey from Goa in November last year. Since, we had to travel quite a distance to the railway station, we were unable to have lunch. Once in the Bangalore bound train and about 30 minutes to depart, we realised that there was no food available on the train or on the station! Exhaution and the the unwillingness to leave Goa only helped in increasing our hunger by the minute.  If we were in Bangalore, 30 minutes would have got us any kind of food; but in Vasco city you cant do much. I tried getting something from outside the station, got pav bhaji which was so bad that no man with a normal tongue could eat it! A few minutes later I tried pushing my luck…

dominos-logoI called up a phone directory service in Bangalore and asked for Pizza outlets in Goa. There were not many in this part of Goa as none were visible on the way; unlike north Goa where pizza outlets can be seen while beach hopping. I was informed that there was a Domino’s Pizza outlet in Margao, where my train would halt after another 30 minutes or so! I called up the number and the guy on the other side was surprised that I was asking for delivery on a moving train! I spoke to his superior who I presume was more composed and I convinced him that I was a genuine customer who was genuinely hungry! He took my mobile number, train and coach details, my pizza order and confirmed that the pizzas would be delivered on my seat at Margao station. I kept my fingers crossed.

Five minutes before the train reached Margao, I got a call from the delivery boy that he was already there! When the train reached the station, he promptly delivered hot pizzas. I tipped him royally. We were hungry to the limit. And guess what joy I got in putting my teeth into those hot, yum pizzas! I cant tell you how envious our co-passengers were and cursed themselves for not getting this idea! We however landed up sharing it with them as I had ordered meals for four when we were just the two of us!

Thank you Domino’s Pizza, your service was worth every bite, of this post!