When I started www.sharmasblog.com, there were a lot of things going on in my mind. What to write? When to write?! et all. As I write this tenth blog post, I am encouraged by a few things:

  • A small amount of money I made!
  • I finally got something creative to do apart from my business!
  • Got an informal place to catch up with my customers and friends.
  • I get to help people to make money online, genuinely.
  • Interact with a band of bloggers and be called one!

There are a lot more advantages I find out of blogging, but I wouldn’t want to pump all of them here in one go and take a toll on your patience! In fact I am planning to go full steam with what I intended to do part-time. Me thinks I should start a section on the city I live & love – Bangalore! Also in the pipeline is a section of forwarded mails and SMS! Generally, they are an annoyance, but some of them are really good, encouraging or just entertaining!

Vikas Sharma

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