I was pretty happy with my Yashica ‘analog’ camera. Using rolls and getting them developed; not knowing which pictures will be proper and which will not, has always been a fascinating experience. But, I had to admit that limitations had to be put somewhere to the number of snaps taken. Not any more..Two days back, I finally took the step to cross the digital divide! My friend took me to a shop called “Foto Circle” in Chickpet area in Banhalore. He and the shop owner, Jayesh Mehta, a dexterous businessman got me to buy a SONY Cybershot over other brands. I’d prefer SONY myself anyway.

Now, I am not limited by the number of shots but with the capacity of my memory card and ya, battery! This step I particularly took for guess what – blogging! And of course, I have a hidden passion for photography, which I will make public soon! My friends advised me to go in for a Cannon SLR camera, but I thought I’d rather start with a click and shoot digicam and them promote myself to an SLR. Moreover, the SLR requires a lot more time, than I can give to this hobby as of now!

I got myself a Sony Cybershot S700 Digital Camera with 1 GB memory stick duo. I shall review the product here soon. And ya, will start photo blogging from tomorrow!

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