Today has been one of the most memorable days of my life! And this was made possible by not one or two but over 200 special people! People who loved you though they didn’t know who you are. People without prejudice, open minds and with smiles that humbles and mellows you down.

“Wonder la, here we come!” was an initiative taken up by the BEC (Bangalore Expatriate Club). It was a trip today, to Wonder la with about 250 children from SRMAB, a school for blind kids and SUKRUPA, a school for underprivileged children. All the credit for this day goes mainly to Barbara (BEC), the lady of the day who planned, coordinated and made this event a big success! Of course, lots of credit to the volunteers and contributors too ;)

We started by meeting at Wonder la by 10 in the morning. After brief introduction to the wonderful people and volunteers for the day we engaged ourselves in distributing t-shirts to the children, sponsored by ATKINS. They formed groups with whom we mingled for the rest of the day and had a crazy time! The kids just loved it! Their enthusiasm was unlike what I had expected. They knew a lot about the place and some of them had been there before. They wanted to go everywhere… to the elephant ride, to the rain dance, the merry-go-round and some rides whose names, I still fail to remember. We were all more then glad to take them there. Also, I know Kannada with which the kids were very comfortable and spoke to me freely. How I just wish the others could understand how thankful they were to us. Some of them hugged us or thanked us for literally every ride! Wow, what an experience the day was!

Introspect – is what I did many a times today.  I felt privileged to have myself being normal.  Just imagine yourself without any one part of your body. Any One Part. On my way to the changing room, I saw some children facing a wall and standing, holding each other. Surprised, I asked them why they were there only to realize that they had lost trail of their group and didn’t know which direction to go as they were visually challenged. How far can you go with your eyes closed? And how far will we go with our eyes closed?! We need to open up, accept the world as one and put in our 2 cents to make this world a better place for all to live in.

Thank you all for making me feel the way I did today. Again my special thanks and warm regards to Barbara, Roberts, Sreejita, Jenny, Niel, the children, others whose names I don’t remember (please forgive me) and of course Gunar, a great musician and an even greater chess player, through whom I got to know such wonderful people. For any corrections or additions, please feel free to add it in the comments.

3 Thoughts on “Wonder la – Here we come! And how!

  1. Gunnar on July 30, 2008 at 11:10 am said:

    Hey Sharmaji,
    thanks for the warm words and thank you for making this such a great day!
    I a completely agree – this was a very very special experience in our lives.


  2. hi vikas that’s truly a human experience u people gave to those children!!! I really admire ur kindness!!

  3. heya !

    very nicely n lucidly written blog …….

    I wish i’d have been there with the children :)

    Keep posting

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