A few days back, some great guy slashed my bike’s seat cover! This is a very common phenomena in India, where jobless youths or disgruntled parking attendants engage themselves in such mindless activity! Yesterday, on my way home, I reached a seat cover maker to put a new one on my bike. And what happened there made me write this.

Star Garriage Imtiaz at work

‘Star Garriage’ as it is called is located in the most dingy areas of Bangalore. I happened to chance upon it while taking a shot-cut to home. I was in a hurry and I did not want to be there. A pale looking youth who claimed to be the owner of the place, bargained with me briefly for the price. We settled for Rs. 100/- (USD $2.5) for a new seat cover, which he would stitch. I told him that I was in an extreme hurry and would not wait long for the job. He assured me of quick service and went about measuring the seat size and cutting the material with surprising speed. In the next 5 minutes the seat cover was ready to be put on my Kawasaki Boxer bike. Before he did that, Imtiaz as he was called, put the seat cover on his dirty table, removed a screen printing board from the wall and slash… slash … put his advertisement on my seat cover. In the next few minutes the seat was ready. I paid him and left; but my mind was still there.

I realized, that despite the hurry and speed of work, Imtiaz made it a point to put his advertisement on my seat cover. For the urgency showed by me he should not have done that; but he did and this showed his commitment to one of his pillars of life. The ad was very important for him get more business and this was one of the only things he could afford.

This made me think as to how many times do we acknowledge our pillars of life, especially when we are in a hurry or overloaded with work?! I have seen some whose marketing goes weak if sales are strong or support becomes bad if marketing is good. Whatever makes your life run smoothly, are you paying attention to them or do you put them in the backseat when totally engaged? The factors of your life running smoothly could be anything – parents, your wife, friends, colleagues, relatives, the marketing division, sales team, your boss… just think!

I stopped at the next shop and purchased a chocolate for my wife. In the next few days, I plan to take her to the movies and spend some quality time with her. Is there someone or something you are paying less attention to in your life? Think Again!

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  1. it is really a very good thought. good work. keep it up.

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