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My name is Vikas Sharma; as you would have guessed by now! A businessman by profession, I do quiet a bit of things as you will see on this blog. A lot of people have asked me over time as to how I manage to be happy and smiling at all times! I thought over it too and realized that the difference was my attitude towards life and everything in it. Being happy is a state of mind and is not linked to one’s bank balance! Here is one of my original quotes:

“Never trust a person’s words, nor his actions; its his attitude that matters”

Fun loving & jovial by nature, I have an eye for the humor element in life. I am unable to determine my own IQ level myself! Yet very serious and thoughtful about work and the world around me. Feel free to walk with me on this journey of life and contact me for just about anything that comes to your mind.

May Peace Prevail.

Vikas Sharma

Hope you like it!

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